What could be better than enjoying ice cream and mini-golf while at the same time earning much-needed funds for your school, organization, or cause?

Partner the good name of your organization with the good name of Serene and watch the money roll in.

Serene will donate 10% of ALL sales (custard, food, golf, etc.) to your organization during your fundraising night.

(Tuesdays – Thursday, 5pm – 9pm)

What YOU do.

Promote the event to your members and supporters through e-mail, social media, etc. Please provide us with proof of any suggested flier/ad so that we can check it for accuracy and allow us to also share the event for a greater turnout.

Set up an informational table during your designated night.

Sell future golf passes that evening and keep half the money!

What WE do.

Sell delicious ice cream, food, and mini-golf all night and cut you in on the profits.

Dates fill up quickly, so lock yours in today by filling out our Fundraising Request form and one of our Fundraising Experts will contact you to confirm all the details.